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beach mat

Type:PE foam

Material:PE foam (polyethylene foam )

Application Field:sport goods


Add:Shenzhen, China



Performance :environmentally friendly, waterproof, easy to take

Quality System:ISO9001

Characteristics:closed cell crosslinked PE foam

Summary:It is your good choice when you are in the open air.

1. Material: XPE

2. Colors: One side is blue, the other side is green (the color is according to customers' requirements)
3. Specifications:
Unfolded size: 1830*550*10mm (Not including raised portion)
Folded size: 550*180*100mm (Not including raised portion)
4. MOQ: 1000PCS
5. Features: IXPE and XPE are made by different foam process, so IXPE has better physical properties than XPE, and more beautiful appearance, and more comfortable.
6. Environment friendly: It is a PE foam which is good for environment without poison and taste. It is an environment friendly material around world.
7. Portability: Light weight, folded design. It can put it flat and pack easily, so it is easy to carry.
8. Beauty: Design as folding egg slot, two sides combine with two different colors which is made the products beauty and fashion.
9. Comfort: Folding egg slot design enhances warmth retention property and softness; It also enhances the air liquidity of men and mat.
10. Versatility: The mat is widely use at outdoor, beach, camping, offices' relaxation.
11. Practicability:

It is closed pore foaming, so it is not bibulous and easy to clean. On the fact of Fifty degrees below zero, this mat can keep the former physicality, the softness comfortable property.