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Conductive foam

Type:IXPE foam( physical crosslinked PE foam)

Material:PE foam (polyethylene foam )

Application Field:opto-elactronics; elactronic products; infocommunications industry; Microelectro


Add:Shenzhen, China



Performance :environmentally friendly, good insulation property

Quality System:ISO9001

Characteristics:closed cell crosslinked PE foam

Summary:Anti-static foam is produced by compounding PE with some special padding and foaming material, then cross linkinked by foaming. The conductivity IXPE foam is a hi-tech ESD product which has very good anti-static property, it is an ideal packing material for optoelectronic devices and microelectronics devices, integrated circuit, printed circuit board, communications, military products etc.


1、  防静电性能优良,表面电阻率和体积电阻率非常稳定,一般在103-106Ω之间,同时依据客户要求进行调节;excellent anti-static performancesurface resistivity and volume resistivity is very stableusually in 103-106 Ω, at the same time, according to the customer requirement between adjusted 

2、  防静电时效长,永久防静电;long term anti-static

3、  防静电性能不受环境干湿度影响;with anti-static propertiesin not affect by environment or dry humidity

4、  环保、无毒、无气味;environmental protection, non-toxic, no odor

5、  缓冲防震;shockproof

6、  机加性能良好:可冲切,粘接加工成客户要求的各种形状。and good performance: cutting, adhesive processed into customer requirements of various shapes