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Automotive Trim Part


Material:PE foam (polyethylene foam )

Application Field:automotive, air-conditioning, sports goods, insulation


Add:Shenzhen, China



Performance :environmentally friendly, good insulation property

Quality System:ISO9001

Characteristics:closed cell crosslinked PE foam

Summary:Automotive trim part
The products can be compounded with aluminium which is widely used in the automotive trim.

 Automotive trim part 

Because of good plasticityfine heat insulation and well absorbing noise good pliability and cushioning, the IXPE foam is very suitably used in ornamenting of cars. There are more than 30 parts of a car can use the IXPE foam, including wagon top of inner linerinside of the door instrument board cushion of footplate and the light the sound machine etc. The IXPE foam is the preferred ornament on car industry in China.