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XPE foam( chemical crosslinked PE foam)

Type:XPE foam( chemical crosslinked PE foam)

Material:PE (polyethylene)

Application Field:construction, air-condition, autmotive





Performance :

Quality System:ISO9001

Characteristics:closed cell crosslinked PE foam

Summary:Unit Specification
Density 25kg/m³-200kg/m³
Thickness 1mm-100mm
Tolerance ±5%—±8%
Width 500mm-1700mm
Length Customized
Shore hardness 16°-75°
Color available Black, white, grey, red, blue,customized

 XPE foam ( chemical crosslinked polyethylene foam)

XPE foam is produced by compounding PE with some special padding  and foaming material, then cross linking by foaming. The XPE foam is a kind of polymer material with good and independent obturator foramen , and smoothly surface and good elasticity ,meanwhile it is also full of  high mechanics intensity and good heat insulation ,good waterproof ,well resistant to aging ,to high temperature ,to chemical corrosion and different  environments. The XPE foam can be processed, easy and complex ones  are both ok, or it also can be compounded with some other material to conglutinate. Meanwhilewe can also produce the FR foams by changing the directions for producing chemicals or metallurgical products


1)      No corrosion to the components and packings, which can make the working life of equipments and products much longer;

2)      With good and independent obturator foramen , low surface water absorbability, fine heat insulation and well absorbing noise,resistant-tremble;

3)      Good resistance upon climate ,frigidhigh temperature ,moisture ,torn . The oxygen index of FR foam is high;

4)      Flexible, high-elastic, shock-proof, good sound insulation;

5)      Good mechanics and long working life.