Conductive anti-static Foam

Anti-static IXPE foam

Anti-static IXPE foam (Anti static IPE foam) is made by mixing polyethylene, foaming agent, conductive agent and other special fillers, through radiation cross-linking and foaming, to make polymer conductive and anti-static foam. It’s an ideal anti-static packaging material for sub-devices, microelectronic devices, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, communications, and military products.

PE conductive foam

PE conductive foam (also called conductive PE foam): Compared with ordinary PE foam: Conductive PE foam has a conductive medium added to the raw material.The color of conductive PE foam is mainly black.

Other products such as anti-static EVA foam,pink anti-static pearl cotton,conductive pu foam and so on.CTF also provide anti-static turnover box, ESD solution to deal with your problems.