Irradiation cross-linked Polypropylene (IXPP) foam

    Irradiation cross-linked Polypropylene (IXPP) foam is a kind of high-performance closed cell foaming material which is made of polypropylene and various fillers, additives and foaming agents various materail .The production process includes granulation, extrusion, electron irradiation, cross linking and high temperature foaming.It can be widely used in automotive interior, aerospace, ship machinery, leisure and other industries.

    Polypropylene (PP) foam Product Advantage

    ● More excellent mechanical properties on tensile strength,elongation;
    ● Easy to cut ,fabrication and process;
    ● Good thermal deformation behavior ,limit temperature to 140 DEG C.High temperature resistant performance ,and low thermal shrinking rate;
    ● Low-odour than PE foam and other foam material
    ● Download: IXPP Catalogue. PDF