• Foam Underlay

    IXPE foam suitable for ALL glue down, nail down, and floating Laminate, Engineered Wood and Hardwood flooring installations 

Foam Flooring Underlay

IXPE foam underlayment for flooring 

Acoustical underlayment is suitable for glue down and flooring installations. Offers the best acoustical underlayment for Floating / Laminate /Engineered Wood Floors with Moisture Barrier.

Product specification:

Material: Closed cell polyethylene(LDPE) foam

Pattern: Smooth or Woven pattern

Dimension: Thickness 0.5-3mm Width 1-1.8m Customization

Density: 50kg/m3~ 250kg/m3

Flooring type: LVT ∣ Vinyl ∣SPC ∣ WPC ∣ PVC ∣ Timb

Combination : Laminating with flooring ∣ Laminating with Plastic ∣ Separate with flooring

Functions : Acoustic ∣ Water-proof ∣ Moisture proof ∣ Protection Shock absorption ∣ Thermal insulation ∣ With or without fire retardant

Foam Underlay Features

1. Made with low density closed cell ixpe foam with excellent properties

2. Suitable for ALL glue down, nail down, and floating Laminate, Engineered Wood and Hardwood flooring installations

3. Superior Compression/Tension characteristics

4. 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly

5. Suitable for radiant heat flooring systems

6. Reduces floor noise by providing excellent sound absorption

7. Contains anti microbial treatment

8. Very low water absorption and water vapor permeability

9. High quality and long life

10. Quick and easy installation

11. Provides cushioned comfort and excellent noise reduction

12. Non-toxic, odorless, non-volatile

13. Moisture barrier with flap and tape to lock out moisture

14. Offers the industry’s best limited lifetime warranty

CTF Service provided:

a. General specification products
b. Flame-resistant products, comply with UL 94 HF-1 & FMVSS 302, and RoHS specifications
c. Conductive products
d. Anti-static products
e. Antibacterial products
f. Thermal insulation products
g. Sound insulation products
h. Waterproof products
i. Shock absorption products
j. Anti-UV products
k. Provide good thermoforming ability
l. Provide good compression distortion and thermoforming ability
m. Post-progressing: with texture; lam ination; aluminum foil(other requirements you may demand)
n. PP products

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