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IXPP new material for automotive interior

There are two kinds of plastics commonly used in automobile interiors: general plastics (PVC, PE, PP) and engineering plastics (PA, ABS, PC). The current PE material has poor weather resistance and is not suitable for the environment.
Force-sensitive, easy to age, heat resistance is not ideal, low-density poly-Zene materials are used at 80°C, and high-density poly-Zene materials are used at 110°C.
For the lightweight of summation materials, IXPP was developed along the way.
IXPP is formed by mixing and extruding polypropylene (PP), AC foaming agent, etc., irradiated by an electron accelerator, and foamed at high temperature.
IXPP performance:
Has good thermal stability (use temperature up to 130°C);
Has good mechanical properties such as toughness, tensile strength, impact strength; IXPP material is environmentally friendly and low VOC (with industry test reports).
The main application of IXPP:
Dashboards, door panels, consoles, decorative surfaces,
IXPP material advantages: 60% lighter than ordinary materials, PP foam material CO2 index improved by more than 40% compared to PVC foam material; suitable for thermal stability up to 120°C
high processing technology and processing efficiency; compared with TPO foam, it has better scratch resistance and compression recovery.