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The difference between XPE/IXPE foam and EPE foam

What is EPE foam?
EPE stands for Expandable Polyethylene,

The main raw material of EPE foam is LDPE (low density polyethylene), which is a non-cross-linked closed-cell structure foam material of physical foaming.

EPE has the properties of waterproof and moisture-proof, cushioning and shockproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, etc., but its mechanical properties are very low, its variability is easy to leave creases, its resilience is small, and it is easy to absorb water.

The price of EPE material is relatively cheap. Therefore, it is widely used. In daily life, we can often see the figure of foam: such as the packaging of fragile gifts such as wine, the inner packaging of hardware products, toys, melons and fruits, and leather shoes. In addition, foam is also widely used in car seat cushions, pillows, electronic appliances, instrumentation, computers, audio, medical equipment, industrial control chassis, hardware lighting, handicrafts, glass, ceramics, home appliances, spraying, furniture furniture, daily necessities, etc. product packaging.

What is XPE/IXPE foam?
XPE foam and IXPE foam are new environmentally friendly polymer materials, safe, non-toxic and tasteless. Compared with EPE foam, XPE and IXPE foam materials have better mechanical properties, are stronger, more durable, and have excellent moisture-proof, thermal insulation and sound insulation effects. XPE foam is commonly used in construction, automotive, sports, packaging and air conditioning industries, such as floor sound insulation mats, floor moisture-proof mats, baby crawling mats, etc.

Which is better, XPE foam or EPE foam?
Compared with price, EPE has more advantages;In terms of physical properties, the parameters of various mechanical properties of XPE foam materials are better;According to the grade of material, XPE foam material is more high-grade;In the packaging industry, as the inner material for product packaging, EPE and XPE have their own advantages and disadvantages. Based on production cost considerations, EPE is more widely used, but in order to improve the quality of packaging, many customers have chosen XPE to fit foam. approach that combines the advantages of both.

How to distinguish XPE and EPE? What is the most intuitive difference between XPE and EPE?
The cells of XPE foam are more delicate and uniform than those of EPE. The cells of EPE foam are often relatively large, and the size of the cells is uneven. For the thicker version of 15mm and 20mm children’s crawling pads, there is another way to distinguish: foam does not need to be fitted, while XPE foam must be double-layered – XPE foam is limited by technology and equipment. The thickness of the thickest XPE material is about 10mm, so the thickened version of the XPE children’s crawling mat is usually realized by high-temperature double-layer bonding. On the side of the thickened version of the crawling mat, careful observation can see the traces of the bonding.

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