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XPE is Polyethylene chemically cross-linked foaming material

At present, there are two process routes: molding method and continuous extrusion method. The production of  XPE foam by the molding method is intermittent and cannot be produced continuously. The product is piece by piece, not a continuous product. The foaming ratio is low, the density is large, the product thickness is single, and the thin product cannot be formed at one time.
Changyuan Tefa adopts continuous extrusion production, horizontal continuous foaming production, advanced production technology, the product does not cause environmental pollution during the production process, and the product has good chemical and physical properties, such as a wide range of foaming magnification (currently Our company can produce a variety of products between 3-40 times to meet the different needs of customers), low density, thin thickness, can be produced in 2mm-12mm one-time molding, smooth surface, high elasticity, high toughness, easy to two Secondary processing, more extensive uses.