New Material IXPP foam for Automotive Interiors

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New Material IXPP foam for Automotive Interiors

There are two commonly used plastics for automotive interiors: general-purpose plastics (PVC foam, PE foam, PP foam) and engineering plastics (PA, ABS, PC). The current PE materials have poor weather resistance, are sensitive to environmental stress, are prone to aging, and have insufficient heat resistance. Ideally, low-density polyethylene foam materials should be used at 80°C, and high-density polyethylene foam materials should be used at 110°C. In order to better meet process requirements and reduce the weight of materials, IXPP foam was developed.
IXPP is made of polypropylene (PP), AC foaming agent, etc., mixed and extruded, irradiated by an electron accelerator, and foamed at high temperature.

IXPP foam performance:
It has good thermal stability (use temperature can reach 130℃);
It has good mechanical properties such as toughness, tensile strength and impact strength;
IXPP material is environmentally friendly and low VOC (with industry test report).

The main application occasions of IXPP foam:
Car Dashboard,
Car Door panels,
Car Console,
Car Decorative surface,

IXPP foam material advantages:
60% lighter than ordinary materials

Compared with PVC foam material, the CO₂ index of PP foam material is improved by more than 40%;

Suitable for application processes with thermal stability up to 120°C;

High processing technology and high processing efficiency;

Compared with TPO foam, it has better scratch resistance and compression recovery.