Horizontal XPE foam

  • XPE Foam

    has many good properties, such as waterproof,moisture-proof, insulation, shock absorption, cushioning, rebound elasticity, heat insulation, thermal insulation, weather resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, lightweight, formability, etc.

XPE Foam

Chemical cross-linked polyethylene foam (XPE/XLPE) 

XPE FOAM made by high-temperature foaming after extrusion of the well-distributed blend of melted low-density polyethylene (LDPE), AC foaming agent and other powders.

Product specification:

Density: 25~330Kg/m^3

Ratio Times: 3~40

Thickness: 2.0~15mm (single layer) to 100mm (multilayer)

Width: 600~2400mm

Shore hardness: 13~70°

Water absorption, 23+2°C,24h : 0.2~0.5%

Thermal conductivity: 0.040~0.095w/m.k

XPE Foam Features

1. Rolled products, the thickness ranges from 2.0~15mm (single layer) to 100mm (multilayer)

2. With flame resistance function (UL 94 HF-1 & FMVSS 302)

3. Provide different grades of products, diversified soft and hard choices and a variety of special functions

4. Uniform closed cell structure

5. Working temperature (-40℃~80℃, up to 120℃ for special specifications)

6. High-performance heat insulation and heat preservation materials

7. Superior sound insulation performance

8. Very low water absorption and water vapor permeability

9. High quality and long life

10. Good anti-chemical properties

11. Suitable for thermoforming and vacuum forming

12. Non-toxic, odorless, non-volatile

13. Comply with EU RoHS regulations

14. No chlorofluorocarbons (such as CFCs, HCFCs) are used in the process

CTF Service provided:

a. General specification products
b. Flame-resistant products, comply with UL 94 HF-1 & FMVSS 302, and RoHS specifications
c. Conductive products
d. Anti-static products
e. Antibacterial products
f. Thermal insulation products
g. Sound insulation products
h. Waterproof products
i. Shock absorption products
j. Anti-UV products
k. Provide good thermoforming ability
l. Provide good compression distortion and thermoforming ability
m. Post-progressing: with texture; lam ination; aluminum foil(other requirements you may demand)
n. PP products

XPE Foam

Chemical crosslinked Polyethylene foam

chemical crosslinked polyethylene foam (XPE), with low density polyethylene resin and a crosslinking agent and foaming agent through continuous foaming and high temperature, XPE foam is chemically stable, difficult to decompose, odorless and flexible.

Product description

Environment friendly:It is a PE foam which is good for environment without poison and taste. It is an environment friendly material around world.

Made by high temperature foaming after extrusion of the well-distributed blend of melted low density polyethylene (LDPE), AC foaming agent and other powders. XPE foam has many good properties, such as waterproof, moisture-proof,insulation, shock absorption, cushioning, rebound elacticity, heat insulation, thermal insulation, weather resistance, anti-aging. corrosion resistance, light weight, formability, etc.

Polyethylene foam is closed-cell, meaning it consists of cells so tightly packed together that it gives the appearance of one uniform structure.The reality is that the individual cells within polyethylene foam do not physically connect to one another.This cellular formation is similar to fish caught in a fisherman’s net.


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2:Can we distributor your product? —Yes, you are warmly welcomed to be our distributor.

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7: How about the delivery cost and tax cost? —Delivery cost is depend on the way, destination and weight. And tax is depend on customer’s local customs.

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